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These artworks are about contemporary livelihoods and the condition of life of

the marginalised people living on the roadside. It has become a normal situation in

the current situation that when we travel on the roads, we see people without

livelihood on the roadsides. It is more common in cities. Through my artwork, I try to

introduce people who are unheard on the roadside to society. For days I was

wondering why they were pushed to the side of the road. Every human being has a

story related to his life. Similarly, for the people who have no roadside livelihood,

There will be a story. Nowadays, many social activists are bringing to light the plight

of people who are living their lives on the roadside with no means of livelihood

through websites. Their stories hold many questions for today's contemporary

societies. Each question hits the current society with multiple burdens. I try to bring

out these questions through my artwork.

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